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Creating HOPE for Today and Tomorrow


Dreams of Hope

"Get Involved and Change Lives"

Who We Are

Helping Reduce the Number of At-Risk  Families
While Dealing With Healing Mental Stability

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Dreams of Hope Foundation is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Our History

Dreams of Hope Foundation was founded in 2012, in Newport News, Virginia with the mission of taking proactive steps to remove barriers that cause distress to families. Since its conception, Dreams of Hope Foundation has helped thousands of families in the Hampton Roads area.


Our Vision

Founders of Dreams of Hope, Coy and Simone Dreher, realized that many in their community cannot afford basic needs to support their families. The vision was then cast to provide the community basic needs such as toiletries, clothes and transportation to appointments.

Our Core Values

All human beings are treated with dignity and respect.

It is one thing to say these words, but another to live them. We at Dreams of Hope Foundation are committed to treating everyone – employees, customers, vendors, and all people and organizations we may support – with the dignity and respect they deserve. Anything less is unacceptable.

We are determined to act with integrity, knowing that doing so often requires courage and tenacity.

We believe that integrity is inherent in the way we conduct business. Demonstrating integrity is easy when our actions are seen and heard publicly. Being truthful and holding to our principles takes courage and tenacity, especially during times when our actions are not seen or heard publicly.

We take risks, learn from the outcomes, and use that knowledge as an impetus for improvement.

We strive for excellence, at the same time understanding this company was founded on the principle of taking risks. We may not be successful every time; risk-takers frequently are not. However, we own our decisions, learn from the outcomes, and use what we have learned as a foundation for future decision-making.


The Visionaries

for Dreams of Hope Foundation

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Chairman of the Board 

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